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About Us

Having a sister is a blessing, really. A sister serves as a built-in best friend, your biggest cheerleader, a partner in crime, and she gives you a second wardrobe.


Growing up, we constantly stole each other's... well... everything. Toys, shoes, food, clothes - you name it and we stole it. When we finally reached the age of having some fashion sense (and borrow our sister's fashion!), people would begin to compliment us on what we were wearing. They would ask questions like "where did you get that outfit?", from which we would reply "My Sisters Closet!". That statement would almost always be followed up by "Where is that store located?", so then we would have to explain that it was literally my sister's closet... meaning the room right next to mine. We then would make jokes about all of the fights and anger one piece of stolen clothing got out of our sister.


Years down the road this fun tradition turned into a dream. When we were in middle school, we always joked that one day we would open a boutique and call it "My Sisters Closet". It's true your sister always has cuter clothes than you and because she is your sister, you have free reign of her closet!


As we have grown up and no longer share a home, not much has changed. We are still each other's best friends, are each other's biggest cheerleaders, AND STILL each other's biggest clothes thief. 


It is with GREAT excitement and a little bit of nerve too that we introduce to you... My Sister's Closet!!!

It is our hope that even if you did not have a sister to constantly steal clothes from, you get to experience a little bit of our favorite pastime with us.


So sister, welcome to our closet!